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there seems to be some confusion

Hey, so I'm new here, and in love with Hot Gimmick. So, anyway, I've noticed tht there seems to be a lot of confusion as what the S in Hot gimmick S stands for, and why Hatsumi and Ryoki broke up may be spiolerish, so its behind aOk, so the S in my opinion is because they all lie in the <i>S</i>etagaya ward, I saw it called the S ward some where. It could stand for Shinogu as some think. I'm just giving my opinion.

Now this is what I came up with for the reason they broke up. So, it was in chapter 44 and 45. You see Hatsumi found was having second thoughts about running away with Ryoki. Than she found the picture of his father and Azusa's mother. This got her upset, along with the fact that Ryoki knew and didn't tell her. All the emotional stain that had resulted from going out with Ryoki (all the hiding that they had to do, the jeopardy she was putting her family in, and the guilt she felt) was just to much, so even though they still love eachother, she just wasn't strong enough. She also was really ticked that Ryoki knew that her father was actually innocent, and didn't tell her.
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