torts1217 (torts1217) wrote in hot_gimmick,

Hello Everyone!

So a new member to the Hot Gimmick community and I figured I'd make a quick post. I saw earlier that someone had asked about followup titles and underneath in the replies someone had given them a website address for a scanlation site. (Lol I bet it would help if I could remember names right? SRRY) Anyway, just was wondering what some other good scanlation (translation:English please) sites would be?

I went out and bought the Hot Gimmick S ending...I liked it and was happy that Shinogu got his happy ending as well but the ending of that made me sad for him at the same time.*Spoiler here* Merely because Hatsumi says she'll, "grow" to reciprocate the feelings behind the ring...I guess I can understand growing to love a person but it still made me feel as if Shinogu was getting the cruddy end. Probably just me though. Overall I liked it though (and I agree Shinogu is a hottie, lol, for a drawing).
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