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Trespassers W.

Ficpost! The Life Aquatic, Chapter 1

Hey everybody!  Long time HG fan here, first time poster, utterly disappointed in the lack of HG fanfic.  I think it comes with the genre, seeing how HG did drama and romance so brilliantly, it never left you lacking. 

Well, until the ending.  Because even brilliant drama and romance doesn't always satisfy every fan, especially if its mostly hoarded on another Ship.  And...cue the ravaging of fanfic-related comms, but like I said before:  utterly disparaging.  So, if you want something done (done right is another matter), you just have to do it yourself, right? XD

The Life Aquatic
Rating: PG 
Genre:  Drama/Romance/General
Pairings: Shinogu/Hatsumi, Kazama/Akane.
Summary: Sometimes, the unraveling looks different from this side of the aquarium.  Kazama and Shinogu, on falling in love adjacently.

Part 1:  A Suitably CD-Sequined Start

R&R is the true maker of chapter babies and, incidentally, my undying love. ♥ Nice to meet you!
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