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I'm new to the Hot Gimmick lj, not new to Hot Gimmick. Thought I'd make a post introducing myself and giving a bit of my opinion on the manga ending. Though I enjoyed Hot Gimmick immensely I was disappointed with the ending. I felt Hatsumi should not have chosen any of her suitors.

me Hatsumi should have decided to grow as an individual as a person first. Find someone when she has grown that she could have a healthy relationship with. She was the kind of character that allowed others feelings and opinions make her decisions for her. I honestly couldn't see her with any of the guys through complete choice of her own. With Ryoki he bullied her into a relationship (regardless that she had some sort of feeling for him). And forced himself on her many times. For Shinogu she felt guilty about not returning his romantic feelings. I mean come on she saw him as her brother. It's kinda hard to jump from seeing someone as a sibling to seeing them as a lover unless you already had those sorts of feelings (which is kinda creepy if the person was your sibling). She would have dated him to make him happy and because others said he was a good choice. With Azusa she again felt guilty for what happened with his mother. When she first thought her father was his father she was willing to allow her self to take the punishment for him. Plus the whole him trying to get her gang raped would put an X on that relationship.

love to here your opinions of my thoughts.
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