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 Hi I'm Milty and I'm obviously new to the community. Anyway I just have a few questions to ask x3

First of all the questions, I have only 2 of em.

1.) I have every volume of Hot Gimmick in English and 1-5 in japanese however I left em 6 states away from where I live now, I know I'll get em back in a few months but is there anyway to find the scans of the bonus chapters in 8 and 12 and the last 20 pages of the final chapter in volume 12? I did download all the scans but for some reason it skipped those three parts D:

2.) Now this is not related to Hot Gimmick but to Miki Aihara. Does anyone know where I can even find the Raws for the sequeal to "Techers Pet"?! I looked around for about 3 hrs with only the results being everywhere saying its done but its not and I want to read the rest reaaaalllly badly.

If Anyone can help me that would be great X3 Thanks in advance.

I also promise to be able to contribute some art later on this week X3
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