Bess & her hinky--dinks (sylvir) wrote in hot_gimmick,
Bess & her hinky--dinks

Ah... To cut to the chase, I want someone to spoil the ending for me. I've read all the entries on the first page, and it's just an overwhelming load of information, because it's all riddled with scenes I've yet to read, so I'd like to request a straight out rehash of what exactly does happen in the end.

It's not to say that I don't take HG seriously, but aaah, it frustrates me so much, not because of Ryouki's sporadic indignant behavior, but because straight off the bat in chapter one... Hatsumi did something sexual (?) with Ryouki? I just can't find that believable. Ryouki is definitely not a stock characteristic for a 17 year old since he straight out asked for sex, but to be so corrupted about it just frustrates me to no end.

Personally, I wish she ended up with Shinogu (but not in her current naive state), but from what I've read, that's only the case in the alternative ending (which is not satisfying!). So by the first chapter, I didn't want to read it anymore, but then I suddenly appeared on Chapter 24, when I finally stopped.

So... I just want to know who she ends up with, and basically why. Did she finally develop solid feelings? She definitely isn't conned into it? Etc.

Please don't hate me >.<
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