fuckpalface (whomever) wrote in hot_gimmick,

phoenix down, anyone? bafomdad? old school reset button?

All right, Hot Gimmick has been finished for quite a while now, and I know the disappointment that was Hot Gimmick S didn't exactly breathe life back into the fans. I'm sure from here on, the majority of posts will be regarding sales of the manga and merchandise. Which is why I'm wondering if the fandom's altogether abandoned, or if y'all are just sleepin'.

note to self: stop channeling kazama's colloquialisms. stop it.

So, here's what I propose: Would anyone here be interested in a sort of informal fix exchange or drabble-a-thon based on requests? An example would be this but fandom specific. If so, I just ask that you voice your interest in a comment.

It would be nice to generate some more fic for such a great series. And hey, even if you lost interest at the end, a big aspect of fandom is fixing canon!
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