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Magazine Project

Hey all,
So, I'm a publishing student at NYU, and for my magazine publishing class we have to come up with a magazine brand and present the idea in a project as if we were launching a brand.

I've decided to do a manga culture magazine, that would be a kind of combination of a fashion mag (with applicable Japanese/Manga-esque fashion), manga magazine, and anime magazine. I want to include articles on cooking Japanese food, how to achieve a Japanese look in America, decorating tips, japanese lessons, cool technology, restaurants, manga and anime reviews, horoscopes, new releases, manga previews, freebies, music, letters, fanart, fanfic, the works.

Think Shojo Beat, Yen Plus, but only ONE chapter of manga and full of editorial instead on all of the above. What I want from YOU is to hear suggestions for articles you would be interested in seeing in a magazine like this. I really want to know more about what fans think about this kind of thing. Please, suggest anything that comes to mind; I'd be really grateful! Thanks!
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