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My Review

So, I just finished reading it, and I have to say, I am NOT happy. I just wanted to share my opinion and see what everyone else thought.

Ryoki pissed me off the whole series through. In one way, I can see he really does care for Hatsumi, however, his arrogant and nasty attitude never disappears. I was trying to give him a chance thinking he would change or that Hatsumi would step up and grow a back bone, but obviously neither happened. Ryoki's character was ridiculously aggressive, and still is to the end.

I'm no major feminist or anything, but this manga basically portrayed that it is OK for a girl to take orders from a man, as that's all that Ryoki ever did when it came to Hatsumi. Sure he'd listen to her, but it was on rare occassion. It was all about him and it really really bugged me. From the beginning it was all about sex, and even though yeah he ends up having feelings for her, he only still focuses on having sex with her. Not to mention him trying to make her leave behind her family and friends. And lets not forget he hit her in the face, and pushed her down stairs. Had he grown a little softer, I might have been OK with them ending up together.

I was really rooting for Shinogu. Yeah yeah, he's her brother, yada, and believe me I'm not into incest AT ALL, but they weren't technically related and I really thought those two would have been happy together. Shinogu cared for her, always putting his happiness to the side for her. I thought them making him a monk at the end was really shitty. They could've had him find another girl or simply just move on. making him a monk was completely unnecessary. I heard Hot Gimmick S has Hatsumi end up with him, anyone know if this is true? If it is, I'd LOVE to read it. If not, I guess I will be looking for fanfiction.

Azuza....what he did (or almost did) to Hatsumi was COMPLETELY unforgiveable, but you could at least see that he had remorse for it and atoned for it you know? I wouldn't have minded if they ended up together either.

The only redeeming factor in this entire manga was the relationship between Akane and Subura. I thought those two were adorable especially that extra chapter at the end where she cosplays.

Anywho, overall, I'd give this manga a 4/10. Definitely wasn't worth my time.
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